About Port City Paranormal

Port City Paranormal .investigations and research was founded in 2004 by Doug and Jc Anderson of Wilmington N.C.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of paranormal investigation and research, to educate the public and to provide a high standard of professional excellence through our unparalleled services. Our goals are not only to help people who are frightened by unexplained phenomena but to establish an evidential basis for the Survival of Conciousness after Death.  We are a non provoke team, specializing in respectful, gentle investigations.  We remain open minded to the deeper possibilities of the beyond, combining the spiritual with both subjective and objective methods.

 Our services are always free of any charges.

We invite all to view our official website http://www.portcityparanormal.com. where we have shared case studies, ongoing projects exploring paranormal activity, EVP and Video evidence, Historical backgrounds,  Equipment,  Team members, blogs, opinions, events  and Links.  Be sure to visit our Friends pages!

Port City Paranormal began the Educational Program “Investigate the Investigator” in 2008 to educate the public about different types of paranormal teams and various methods if investigation. The program specifically points out the dangers of hiring  strangers to investigate their private homes.

Port City Paranormal has been fortunate to meet and work with many authors and leading experts in the paranormal field.  Please see our website for details on collaborations.

Where we once stood in fear, we now stand in awe” – Port City Paranormal


One comment on “About Port City Paranormal

  1. Rosemary Ellen Guiley- writer of almost 50 books and references of paranormal phenomena has be our advisor for more than three years, We want to thank her for the many times she has been there to help us with our common mission.

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