Port City Paranormal- Paranormal Research, Investigations and Education

Port City Paranormal © Award winning Paranormal Research and Investigations. Located in Wilmington North Carolina. Please see our official website http://www.portcityparanormal.com for more information on our team, our investigations and more.

 Established in 2004, Port City Paranormal © is dedicated to the search for evidence of the continuation of consciousness after death. Port City Paranormal is a non-provoke group. Our mission is to enhance the quality of paranormal investigation and research, to educate the public and provide a high standard of professional excellence through our unparalleled services.

 We look forward to sharing  articles, opinions and evidence.

 There is only one Port City Paranormal ©  Come Meet us !


One comment on “Port City Paranormal- Paranormal Research, Investigations and Education

  1. Port City Paranormal highly recomend reading L.S.Stuhler’s The Inmates of Willard Asylum 1870-1900 A Genealogy Resource.
    This book not only as a wonderful source for genealogy research, but as a valuable tool to the understanding of our history and that of the pauper insane of NY state post Civil War. Stuhler provides unbiased information into the horrors that existed prior to the Moral Reform movement and the laws that eventually led to the creation of Willard Asylum for the Insane..
    We also recomend The Lives They Left behind Suitcases From a State Hospital Attic, by D. Penney/ P. Stastny with photographs by L. Rinzeler
    Penny’s research led her to chronicle the amazing discovery of more than 400 suitcases filled with patient belongings hidden away in a abondened attic. (This discovery also led to the 2004 exibit at the New York State Museum on Albany)
    The lives they left behind is a moving and devistating group portrait of 20th century American psychiatric care.

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