Port City Paranormal Ghosts- Why do Spirits Stay?

Spirit pix    We all have different plans and goals for our lives, and it is widely thought that if these plans are not achieved, we might end up being a ghost!

   There are several theories that suggest why this happens .

At the moment of death, it is believed we are offered a choice:  We can except death and move on to the next thing, or linger here on earth in spirit .  This “either/or” statement ignores the fact that for some, there may be no choice.

There are many beliefs, but what follows death remains unknown.

As individuals our choices can be limited by religious dogma, cultural, and family beliefs.  We may grow to  learn alternative views, and embrace or reject the ideas of Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation, or soul travel etc..   There are those who believe there is no afterlife at all, that consciousness ends when we take our last breath.  For others,the afterlife is a place of punishment where we pay for the sins of the living.  Often ,the fear of death and the unknown that follows is so great, they choose to remain forever earth bound.

Many souls are shocked by the moment of death. They deny their death, and are convinced they still live out their lives regardless of the passage of time or changes in the environment.  Perhaps this explains the  activity that occurs during renovations.

I believe there are those who have become lost or confused or possibly unaware of their own death, due to  prolonged physical or mental illness. In these cases, only gentle intervention should be used.

The last possibility, is  tortured souls that have  become stuck in the moment of a horrific event, doomed to relive the event, maybe  in hopes they may someday be rescued and released. Traumatic experiences seem to block all other conscious thoughts

We must be vigilant in our research, and examine every detail of a haunting . Identification of the spirit and why they remain, and their beliefs must be established before offering any solution.

We often ask , “Why do you stay?”  The answers have been different with each case.  We have recorded  EVP indicating a spirit was confused in life and possibly unaware of their own death, and a  few  alluded to spirits being held by force to a site (by whom or what we could not confirm) It seems very  possible that due to our beliefs,  we can become are own jailers.

Some cases have produced  EVP evidence where spirits preferred to stay.  They express an awareness of the passage of time, and come and go as they please, returning to observe the living. These special spirits prefer to stay in a familiar place and do not appear unhappy. They stay out a sense of duty  and to watch over the living who pass through.

.PCP/jca 2014